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Capsaisin is a medication commonly known by the generic name Capsaicin. It is also marketed globally under the names Capsaicinum, Zostrix, Zostrix-HP as well as generic Capsaicin.

Capsaisin (Capsaicin) is used to help relieve a certain type of pain known as neuralgia. Capsaisin (Capsaicin) is also used to temporarily help relieve the pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A doctor may prescribe Capsaisin (Capsaicin) for additional conditions. More information about Capsaisin... shows potential sources for you when buying Capsaisin online. You can buy quality prescription Capsaisin at substantial savings through international pharmacies, leaders in discount drugs online. International pharmacies may not require you to provide a prescription, and may provide one if needed. *Please verify your local import regulations; the ability for a pharmacy to offer a medication without a prescription does not negate any local requirement you may have.

A brand of Capsaisin labelled as Capsicin Crema manufactured by Viaņas, Capsicum produced by Alacan, Gelcen made by Centrum, Hansaterm produced by Beiesdorf, and Katrum by Smaller are at Goldpharma

Capsicin Crema0.75 mg30 cream$45.48Order
Capsicum0.25 mg15 cream$31.18Order
Capsicum0.25 mg30 cream$45.58Order
Gelcen0.25 mg15 cream$27.97Order
Gelcen0.25 mg30 cream$38.43Order
Hansaterm4.80 mg2 dressings$24.89Order
Katrum0.25 mg15 cream$25.18Order
Katrum0.25 mg30 cream$33.44Order

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