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Rivasmine is a medication commonly known by the generic name Rivastigmine. It is also marketed globally under the names Exelon, Rivastigmina, Rivastigminum as well as generic Rivastigmine.

Rivasmine (Rivastigmine) is a cholinesterase inhibitor used to treat loss of memory and thinking ability associated with Alzheimer's Disease. A doctor may prescribe Rivasmine (Rivastigmine) for additional conditions. Further Rivasmine reference material... shows potential sources for you when buying Rivasmine online. You can buy quality prescription Rivasmine at substantial savings through international pharmacies, leaders in discount drugs online. International pharmacies may not require you to provide a prescription, and may provide one if needed. *Please verify your local import regulations; the ability for a pharmacy to offer a medication without a prescription does not negate any local requirement you may have.

A brand of Rivasmine labelled as Exelon and Rivamer are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Exelon1.5 mg28 capsules$151.10Order
Exelon1.5 mg28 tablets$290.86Order
Exelon3 mg28 capsules$152.11Order
Exelon3 mg28 tablets$290.86Order
Exelon4.5 mg28 capsules$155.88Order
Exelon4.5 mg28 tablets$290.86Order
Exelon6 mg28 capsules$157.39Order
Exelon6 mg28 tablets$290.86Order
Exelon Oral Solution2 mg/ ml120ml$347.52Order
Rivamer1.5 mg50 tablets$70.17Order
Rivamer3 mg30 capsules$69.40Order

A brand of Rivasmine labelled as Evertas by Sanofi-Aventis Aebe, Exelon made by Axicorp Pharma B.V, European Pharma B.V, Novartis Hellas Aebe, and Novartis Europharm Ltd, Lasium produced by G.A.P, Mentazac Oral.Sol, Rivanel, and Rivastigmin made by Hormosan Pharma, 1 A Pharma, and Betapharm are at Goldpharma

Evertas1.5 mg30 capsules$21.01Order
Evertas3 mg30 capsules$21.80Order
Evertas4.5 mg30 capsules$21.94Order
Evertas6 mg30 capsules$21.94Order
Exelon13.3 mcg/24h30 transdermal therapeutic system$230.92Order
Exelon13.3 mcg/24h60 transdermal therapeutic system$468.39Order
Exelon13.3 mcg/24h90 transdermal therapeutic system$700.18Order
Exelon Or.Sol Fl2 mg1 solution$36.09Order
Exelon Tts4.6 mg30 bags$98.80Order
Exelon Tts9.5 mg30 bags$106.45Order
Lasium3 mg28 capsules$21.01Order
Lasium4.5 mg28 capsules$21.13Order
Mentazac Oral.Sol2 mg/ml120ml solution$62.88Order
Rivanel1.5 mg28 capsules$20.24Order
Rivanel6 mg28 capsules$21.13Order
Rivanel Oral.Sol2 mg/ml50ml solution$23.46Order
Rivastigmin1.5 mg56 capsules$50.82Order
Rivastigmin1.5 mg112 capsules$82.08Order
Rivastigmin2 mg120ml solution$225.39Order
Rivastigmin3 mg56 capsules$50.82Order
Rivastigmin3 mg112 capsules$82.08Order
Rivastigmin4.5 mg56 capsules$50.82Order
Rivastigmin4.5 mg112 capsules$82.08Order
Rivastigmin4.6 mg/24h30 transdermal therapeutic system$133.72Order
Rivastigmin4.6 mg/24h42 transdermal therapeutic system$164.87Order
Rivastigmin4.6 mg/24h60 transdermal therapeutic system$250.71Order
Rivastigmin6 mg56 capsules$50.82Order
Rivastigmin6 mg112 capsules$82.08Order
Rivastigmin9.5 mg/24h30 transdermal therapeutic system$150.59Order
Rivastigmin9.5 mg/24h42 transdermal therapeutic system$191.81Order
Rivastigmin9.5 mg/24h60 transdermal therapeutic system$283.50Order

A brand of Rivasmine labelled as Exelon is at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
Exelon3 mg28 capsules$125Order
Exelon3 mg56 capsules$216.7Order
Exelon4 mg28 capsules$29Order
Exelon4 mg56 capsules$29Order
Exelon4.5 mg28 capsules$125Order
Exelon4.5 mg56 capsules$216.7Order
Exelon4.6 mg30 pleisters$214.7Order
Exelon6 mg28 capsules$125Order
Exelon6 mg56 capsules$216.7Order
Exelon9.5 mg30 pleisters$214.7Order

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